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Purple finches

A pair of purple finches (ruby red) perches on a budding branch of American ash. For lovers of small birds this is a must; one of a kind piece of art. Gregarious birds, finches gather in large numbers at bird feeders and other sources of food. And their chatter, sounding more like happy gosip, is a reminder that they're busy right outside your windows.

Details: 19"w x 7"h x 4"d
Price: $450.00

Mallard duck

This is a colorful mallard duck in descent just prior to landing. Feet forward, and wings swept back, he creates a wonderful feeling of motion. Spring migrations are bringing flocks of these family birds back to Maine. Just this morning we spotted a female mallard with twelve tiny chicks in tow. What a thrill!

Details: 24"w x 28"h x 6"d
Price: $775.00

Woodcock - top view

The color of a woodcock's back and wings are unknown to most hunters because they normally see them springing from a bush as they display their underside (see the second woodcock in the portfolio). This lively fellow is displaying the long beak and fluted wingtips that make the woodcock such a fascinating creature.

Details: 24"h x 16"w x 4"d
Price: $550.00

American Woodcock

Since earthworms are its favorite meal you might be able to detect its presence by the spike-hole which its beak makes during foraging. Woodcocks are unique songsters often heard around dusk, but especially noisy in courting. Found mainly in New England and the southern Maritimes woodcocks are a sought-after gamebird.

Details: 18"w x 12"h x 4"deep
Price: $500.00

Trio of Blue Jays

Blue jays are best described as bossy, raucous and very handsome. At the bird feeder jays are always in charge; scaring off all smaller birds. This trio was fun to paint; their vivid coloring calls for attention to the fine detail of their markings. The birch tree provides an excellent contrast.

Details: 21” w x 30” h x 6” deep
Price: $1,400.00

White Heron

The white heron is also known as an American egret. Driven close to extinction for their feathers at the turn of the century, they are now widely dispersed throughout the U. S. Well known for their elegant white plumage during mating season, they have a wing span of 5-6 feet.

Details: 42"w x 44"h x 15"deep
Price: $1,200.00

Snowy Owl

If you were a mouse you’d soon be snatched by this intimidating raptor. And the snowy owl can also capture birds on the wing! Warmly clad this bird is well suited for it's Northern haunts. Haunting eyes and fearful talons combine with a four-foot wing span to produce this magnificent art work.

Details: 40"w x 29"h x 8" deep
Price: $1,500.00

Belted Kingfisher

With a lethal bill this fisherman can easily bring up a fish which he then beats on a rock for easy digestion. He will often hover before diving head-first into lakes & streams. His unruly hair-do and long, white throat give him a top heavy appearance.

Details: 32"w x 24"h x 4" deep
Price: $850.00

Canada goose landing

This is an engaging posture highlighting the muscular structure of this very large bird. Try to imagine the strength and control necessary for a 20 pound goose to make this splash on a serene lake. We love to watch these graceful creatures come and go on Flagstaff Lake.

Details: 26"w x 36"h x 21"d
Price: $850.00

Canada goose

This ia a lovely depiction of a goose floating effortlessly. She is always on the lookout for some tasty vegetation. Although solo yearlings may spend a summer experiencing their independence, the sight we all love is a formation of them heading South.

Details: 22"h x 15"w x 4"d
Price: $650.00


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