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Loon Rising

Is she showing off for her mate? Watch long enough and you are likely to witness this posture. Loons mate for life and although they spend their winters apart they find each other every spring on their same "home" lake in the Northern states or Canada. Their distinctive necklace of white bars make them easy to identify.

Details: 12"w x 16"h x 4"d
Price: $1,000.00

Loon with babies

Peaceful and protective - both loon parents often carry their vulnerable chicks on their backs. The chicks are usually born in pairs, and ride on the parents backs for the first month. This loon was crafted in early May 2004, just as a loon pair arrived at the lake in front of our gallery.

Details: 32" w x 11" h x 5" d
Price: $900.00

Standing Puffin

Puffins have a large, colorful, triangular bill. His bandit’s mask gives him an intriguing expression. This one appears to be showing off for his mate while drying wings from his perch. He’s a comical, sometimes silly, little soldier standing erect on a rock.

Details: 22"w x 16"h x 4"d
Price: $400.00

Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic puffin are found on isolated rocks off the North Atlantic coast – difficult to get close to so particularly desirable to “capture”. Capture your very own in this form; a chubby, but skilled flier that’s easy to love.

Details: 23"w x 15"h x 5"d
Price: $650.00

Herring Gull

Commercial fishing boats draw swarms of hungry gulls; in flocks they swoop and dive – a magnificent sight for any observer. This gull represents several species that are common along the coast of Maine.

Details: 33"w x 26"h x 8"d
Price: $700.00

Arctic gull

This compact northern gull is all white with black beak-tip and black feet. Smaller than most other gulls it finds meals in small coastal pools and fresh water ponds. This piece exemplifies the feel of a fast bird soaring over the Arctic coastline.

Details: 12"h x 22"w x 5"deep
Price: $600.00

Black Back Gull

This gull is the largest and most aggressive of all gulls. They may be 3 feet long with a 5 foot wing span. On the beach you may see them digging for bivalves or crustaceans, on the sea they dive for fish.

Details: 27"w x 14"h x 11"d
Price: $750.00


Drying his wings; showing off; or maybe just playing. This loon strikes a vibrant pose with other loons close by. Once the young are on their own loons form small packs to head to their winter homes. We always look forward to their return.

Details: 14"w x 20"h x 10"deep
Price: $900.00

Cardinals on birch

When these beauties are around you notice them! The crimson coat of the male is striking against all backgrounds. This pair may have been in the same small neighborhood for many years since they do not migrate and become accustomed to a few favorite bird feeders. Why not have a pair of your own?

Details: 20"w x 28"h x 6"deep
Price: $750.00

Nuthatch on Birch

The bird feeder teems with these nervous darlings. Nuthatch love sunflower seeds and sunshine, but are disposed to avoid larger birds. The lakeshore of our mountain home provides shelter and open spaces for these fascinating fliers.

Details: 8"w x 19"h x 5"d
Price: $600.00


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