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Bald Eagle Landing

The magnificent flight of the American bald eagle needs to be seen to be truly felt. If you've seen one of the many "comebacks" of this once-endangered species you'll want to own this eagle. Hugh crafted this eagle in a smaller size than the other eagle, shown later in this Portfolio window, in order to fit into a smaller wall space in your home.

Details: 26"w x 24"h x 7"d
Price: $1,300.00

Screech Owl

The screech owl is a tiny yellow-eyed whistler (not a screecher at all!); so is easily distinguished from it's hooting family. Found in open woodlands, orchards and shade trees you are most likely to see one if you live in the Northeast U. S. and Eastern Canada. A re-introduction project in Central Park, New York City, has resulted in a healthy 10-12 pair population today. Take your binoculars the next time you are in New York!

Details: 12"h x 9"w x 4"d
Price: $900.00

Common Eider

You most likely have seen this sea duck bobbing for bottom-vegetation along a rocky ocean shore. The tuxedo attire is common to both male and female. Eiders winter along the Atlantic coast from Virginia to Atlantic-Canada, and they make the long flight to the Canadian arctic and Alaska to nest and rear their chicks.

Details: 21"w x 12"h x 6"d
Price: $800.00

Snow Geese Pair

The socialite snow goose loves a crowd; you are likely to see them flying with a few thousand friends. Witness the migration of these along the St. Lawrence River and you may see 5000+ at one time! They can fly from the Arctic to lower Canada in one segment; then fly from there to the Delaware shore on their next segment. It's a breath-taking sight!

Details: 18" w x 24" h x 8"d
Price: $1,100.00

Canada Geese family

In late Spring an evening parade of Canada geese, which usually includes a string of chicks, is a fascinating ritual. This pair depicts the practice of sheltering the young between parents. It is common to find eight or more chicks in one family.

Details: 40"w x 18"w x 5"d
Price: $1,000.00

Brook Trout

Native to all of Northeastern America the Brook Trout has beautiful coloring. The red spots and blue aureoles on the side and dark wavy lines on the fins make it a distinguished catch. Photograph yours and throw it back - I'll recreate it for you.

Details: 23"w x 8"h x 4"deep
Price: $700.00

Pileated woodpecker with chick

The pileated woodpecker, at crow-sized, is by far the largest of this species. It is commonplace for this bird to tap into dead trees to excavate large cavities which later accommodate a family of raccoons. The bark on this piece is from made-paper; a new process that Hugh developed using raw paper pulp.

Details: 20“ w x 24“ h x 5“deep
Price: $1,400.00

Common white egret

He is anything but common. His distinctive white plumage, black beak and long yellow legs will freeze a birder in awe. Standing in the shallows, stalking his next meal, he may stretch to 4 feet in height. This is one beautiful bird!

Details: 23"w x 32"h x 8"d
Price: $1,200.00

Loon on take-off

What a sight! You only get to see this once a year for each loon. It takes him as much as 1/4 mile, with wings flapping madly before he can lift off. Legend has it that a loon knows the wind, and takes advantage of it the day he plans to leave his home lake.

Details: 30"w x 28"h x 9"d
Price: $800.00

Common Loon

The loon is most recognizable by its sound, but is the polka dotted sleek blacked diver and swimmer of the northern lakes. A familiar pair, returning year after year, are often seen in the lake on our masthead which spreads out in front of the Birds in Flight gallery.

Details: 31"w x 32"h x 6" d
Price: $900.00


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