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Have you ever slept near a lake where the common loon sounded its haunting cry. A few of you may have been lucky enough to see a trumpeter swan glide peacefully over the pond of a great National Park. Have you bagged what you feel was the perfect fish this season. These and many more magnificent creatures have been created by Hugh Verrier and are shared with you here.

The birds and fish in this collection are unique to the art world because they are a combination of watercolor painting and sculpture.

Hugh combines both arts into the creation of birds by forming very heavy French paper into wings, beaks and elegant bodies, then bringing them to life with watercolors. The fish are carefully crafted to mimic the actual catch of fishermen friends. The results are paintings that are life-like, light-weight, and archival.

The beautiful presentation of Verrier’s birds honors nature in both form and size.

A pair of wood ducks perch on a woodland branch; a snowy owl swoops down to the forest floor honing in on a mouse. A huge trumpeter swan grabs the first gulp of air in a takeoff from the water. A loon leaves its summer lake home and heads south to the open sea for the winter.

Take your time in examining these amazing creatures; soar with the birds and swim with the fish.

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